With our special projects for the heavy industry we support the mechanical engineering, the spare parts production
As of 2007, Meka Machinery has combined this know-how, experience and engineering experience with CNC and CAD-CAM technologies,
sensitive, high quality and timely delivery.


Keeping customer satisfaction on everything,
Believing the importance of economy, growth and profitability,
To be open to change and development,
To be faithful and enthusiastic about being the best in their field,
Superior business ethics and honest work,
Emphasizing that our most important capital is our human resource,
Being on the side of creating funds and resources to continuously improve.


"Quality product" in order to offer our customers more functional and advantageous products.
Customer-focused development strategy that targets full satisfaction.
To provide special solutions to customers with expertise in metal processing.
Without compromising on quality, we develop long-term and lasting relationships based on trust with our customers and suppliers.